Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I took the writen drivers test today and i PASSED IT!!!!!!!!!!! i took it on my birthday last week and i failed it :( and this whole week ive been studying it. Dude! im so excited to start driving. Im going to start driving over winter break with my dad and paige!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

End of the Tri

Today was the last day of the tri. and i got most of my grades back, so i have an "A" is socail, band, math, and art. Im not sure what i have in english because my teacher is kinda slow at putting/grading papers/assignments, so yeah. And science i have a "A-", but we took a test today and im not sure how well i did on it????? But besides that i think 1st tri was great. I loved all of my classes. And next tri i have 2 classes with my new friend Zoe, and my first hour i have like a billion of my friends in there which im so so happy about. Im excited about next tri!!!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

School Gymnastics

Ok. So my first week is over for school gymnastics. Im liking it so far. There are nice people and i love the coach! Monday was our first day and unfortunately i had a band concert (haha). So i went to practice in my band outfit. And i had to leave early too. So Monday was just kind of a go there and introduce myself then leave. Oh well. Tuesday was MY actual first day and it went ok. It was hard to go cause i didnt know anyone there, and i was tired. Wednesday i loved. I knew a couple more faces which was good. And we were doing bars (which i love!) and another trainer/conditioning coach came and worked us pretty hard. Thursday my arms were sore :( but it was great cause i started to work on new skills and start thinking of my routines and what i want in them. Tonight was good. Im poopped out as it is from the mid-night show of twilight early early this morning. The practice went kind of slow. My first meet is i think December 3rd or 4th, but im not 100 percent sure. Im excited for this season, but i miss my friends at Northwest :( ALOT!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Me, my cousin Maddie, and my dad are going to the MID-NIGHT show of TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited to go. I just hope that i dont fall asleep during the movie. My next post will be what i thought about the movie!!!
Talk to you later!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Birthday!!

Its one month from today that i turn 15. And i get to take my permit test. Which im kind of scared to take cause i dont want to fail. Haha. I hope i dont. But i "mostly" remember everything. And my friends that took the class with me said that it was easy. So im crossing my fingers.

2008 Gymnastics Superstars

So on sunday me and my two gymnastics buddis Leah and Heather went to this gymnastics superstars thing. And there was the whole USA boys and girls gymnastics team. Such as Nastia Luikin, Shawn Johnson, Samatha Pezek, Chelsey Memel, and many more. For the boys there was Johathan Horton, and other VERY cute, hot gymnast boys. And the show was at the Excel Center (for those who dont know what that is, its where our hockey team plays and the place is HUGE!!) So what is really was, was all the gymnast danced and did floor and beam routines. And it was so cool. There was also Jordin Pruet and another band singing. Me, Leah, and Heather were freaking out before the thing started when we could see all of them stretching. Ahhhhhh. Leah got some videos and a couple of pictures and she is going to email them to me. And then ill put them on the blog for you to watch. They are pretty amazing. And in one of the dances the boys took their shirt off and you can hear everybody (THE GIRLS!!!) scream. It was funny.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween/Birthday Prank

ok i know this is late but i haven't had time to post. So my story is that my band teacher Mr.Harmer loves the show "The Office" and it was his birthday on November 1st. So me and this other flute girl (Kelly) in our class thought of that one episode where Jim puts Dwight's stapler in the jello. So we put our heads together and thought of a prank to put "his" and i emphasize on "his" because it wasn't really his, we bought one that looked like his and then stole his. Haha. ok so we planned this prank for like a month and i got my last years band teacher in on it too and she helped us get a cake box and plan it out. So Kelly came over the night before and helped me make the jello and get it all ready for the next morning and that was fun. Now your probably thinking how did i get it there before he got there??? Well i have seminary in the morning and we get to school early so i was there way before him. Ok so when he finally arrived at school it was Halloween if you didn't know so he was dressed up as Michael Jackson (he was Funny) and when he opened it he started laughing. And then he asked me whose stapler that was? And i was like i"ts yours" and he looked at me and his mouth just dropped open and he was so confused because he didn't know how i took it home without him seeing it. So he loved it and i was glad.